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Low-EHP sm Windows provide wonderfull natural light, but they can also account for a large percentage of the annual energy consumed at home. Low-E coating also blocks 84% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, and can improve your window’s performance by as much as 24%. They reflect heat inside in winter / outside in summer and save you energy and money.

Continental’s Eco-Thermal TM vinyl windows.
Windows for contemporary lifestyles.
• Safe & Easy Cleaning
• Weathertight
• Attractive & High Performance
• High Security Cam-Action Locks
• Smooth Trouble Free Operation
• Environmentally Friendly

Here’s why Continental’s Eco-Thermal TM vinyl windows are your best value:

Continental’s Eco-Thermal TM vinyl windows.
Windows for contemporary lifestyles.
Basic Window Unit – Lifetime Warranty: Continental Eco-ThermalTM Windows are warranted by Continental Window & Glass, from the date of installation, to be free of any defects in material and workmanship occurring as a direct result of the manufacturing process, as to the structural parts and mechanical components of the basic window unit, under normal use and service.

Insulating Glass Unit – 10 Year Warranty: Continental Window & Glass warrants that for a period of 10 years from date of installation, under conditions of normal use and service, the insulating glass unit will be free of material obstruction as a result of film formation of dust collection between the interior glass surfaces, caused by failure of the hermetic seal. (Window condensation will occur on interior surfaces when extreme temperature differences and high humidity levels are present, and is a result of conditions beyond manufacturer’s control.) This guarantee does not cover glass or screen breakage under any circumstances.

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